Thursday, 8 December 2011


Hello everybody… today I really want to share an experience with you that made me feel that weight is not a problem, problem is ‘we’…
My brother is a software engineer, 23years old and is working in Ericsson company. He is an extraordinary brilliant, intelligent, magnificent, superb, brainy, splendid personality… can I tell u a secret, I really want to be like him… he is the one I really look up to…
He is really good in his office and brilliantly performs all his duties…. Everything was perfect except one thing his weight… he was 109 kgs when he was 22years old… that’s huge I know…
In past years when he was doing his Btech his weight was around 85kgs but due to his studies his weight increased to 90….95…100..105…finally to 112 kgs… then he realized to reduce his weight and planned to join a gym and after almost 6months his weight was 74kgs… I was really happy…And was expecting that he would maintain his weight for at least a year… he was really happy because he has a confidence, everybody around him started praising him and he was really enjoying that kind of attention in his college…

But after college due to stress and pressure of placement and job hunt he again started gaining… again to 85… then 90… moving to 100 and finally to 109kg…
At that point I was really worried about him… because it is really difficult to reduce your weight again…. Not only for appealing personality but also regarding the lifestyle diseases… as you all know that diabetes, hypertension are hitting Indian people even at the age of 25… and few of the primary reasons are obesity, physical inactivity, wrong eating habits and stress…. At that point I really wanted him to reduce his weight… but he didn't had time for all these things…

Then one day, I don’t know what happened to him…. He came to me and said... “Hey sis... Can you give me a diet chart… I think I should reduce my weight now…” I was ecstatic and was looking at him like he read my mind… and on the same day I made a cyclic menu for weight reduction… and adviced him to do some kind of physical activity he loves…

This time he didn't join a gym rather he played football and lawn tennis… the best thing about physical activity lies in the definition “what you love?”… physical activity is not a boring process of walking or jogging… it is something you love… play any outdoor game whether it is swimming, basket ball, football, lawn tennis ,badminton ,cycling or dancing… and if you enjoy brisk walking or jogging you can do that also… the funda behind all these activities is ‘enjoyment’. “If you enjoy the most then you reduce the most”….

So my brother did the same he played football and lawn tennis everyday for one hour… he reduced his wrong eating habits and binging at night… and you won't believe it he reduced his weight to 76kgs in 5 months.
Today I am really happy for him as he has the best combination of  good personality (fit body structure) and brains…. I would really admire him if he maintains his weight this time….

So the conclusion of the whole story is….
1. It’s your will power which helps you to reduce your weight…
2. Enjoy your physical activity only then you can reduce your weight with great satisfaction.
3. Good eating habits will not kill the enjoyment of food but prevent you from lifestyle diseases.
4. And weight is not a problem… its “we” who make weight a big problem.

And my brother proved all the above points… hats off to my brother for reducing his weight twice because if I put myself in his position I don’t know whether I will be able to do what he did…..


  1. Nice ... Great news rishi is back in the fit 70's ... Even i hope he doesnt gain more this time ... Its really an arduous task to lose weight along with doing office activities ... but he managed and kudos to him ..

    And Kudos to my sweet sister too, who made that time table for him & urged him to start with playing a sport .. :D :D

    I think i should take some inspiration from rishi & try to lose my six pack flabs too .. :D :D

  2. hey bro... thank u so much bro... i m glad u like it... thank u... :)

  3. Is it true Mahak? I am impreseeed with you and your brother both.Thanks for sharing..

    I too belive that you should give a person a physical activity /sports which he enjoys and can sustain.
    I am doing a wellness program for senior management at Hyatt regency. Its going very well Its just been 2 weeks and people have lost 3-5 kgs on an average .Thier problems of acidity, gas and constipation are almost completely gone.

  4. hi Anonymous...

    Its 100% true... Actually i m impress with your fitness its not easy to reduce weight without let them believe that this fitness programme actually work... as psychological factors also affect weight reduction...
    and as u told me that the problem of acidity, gas and constipation are almost gone that makes me believe that you are also working on dietary practices... (please share if there is any other reason to this...)

    That is really impressive because maximum weight reduction can only be take place with good dietary habits + physical activity....

    thank u so much for sharing your job status with me, which is really impressive...

    and welcome to my blog and feel free to explore....

    thank u...

  5. hey mehak,
    this is an awsome topic to share with all.
    infact very good to hear that there is an example in front of all of us to admire.
    it will be good if you could also share some dietary pattern & infact write to us upon the same for the people who are involved in sitting job profile.
    it may help me to stay fit.


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